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estudi d’arquitectura ramon valls                      


ramon valls

  1. after graduating from barcelona school of architecture in 1977, he joined the architecture studio of josep benedito, jaume llobet and agusti mateos and was a member until 1985.

  2. he attended Phd courses at barcelona school of architecture between 1978 and 198o and in  the academic year 1991-1992.

  3. from 1982 to 1993 he carried out his professional activity at the department of education of the catalan government, he worked as a temporary employee from 1982 to 1984 and as   a temporary public servant from 1984 to 1986, he became a public servant and was the section head of the architectural design department and the chief architect of the architectural design and construction departament between 1986 and 1993.

  4. between 1993 and 2oo8 he was the project manager of the establishment program at the ciutadella campus of barcelona pompeu fabra university.

  5. he started his own architecture studio in 1993.

  6. presently he is a member of AxA architects for architecture, an association whose aim is to build a framework to help their professional development and promote architecture as a cultural and social good.

  7. he was responsible at the sert school for the educational architecture course in 2oo6 and for the public housing course in 2o1o.

  8. he has been teaching architectural design IV at tarragona la salle school of architecture since 2oo7 and the final thesis design studio since 2o11.

  9. he attended several conferences on professional education organized by the ramon llull university and courses on professional topics organized by the architects association of catalonia.

  10. he was a member of the jury of the fifth alejandro de la sota biennial award in 2oo5 and of the  riverfront competition in amposta in 2oo4.

  11. in 1979 and 198o he collaborated with the culture ministry to catalogue buildings of artístic and cultural heritage in the baix ebre and montsia areas.

  12. he has lectured on professional topics and on his own architectural designs.

roger molas

  1. he graduated from barcelona school of architecture in 2ooo.

  2. he joined the studio as an assistant student between 1997 and 2ooo and has been a collaborator since 2ooo.

  3. he has been teaching descriptive geometry at barcelona la salle school of architecture since 2ooo.

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